Tuesday, April 18, 2006

didja miss me?

I haven't blogged in a month. While I was not blathering away on the interweb (or at least not on this blog), I was getting accepted to grad school (wheee!), getting a stomach virus in Guatemala, going to my parents' for Passover, unsuccessfully shopping for a bridesmaid dress in New Jersey and playing house with Betsy, among other exciting things. More on all that later, maybe.

I'm writing something a little different for Bookslut this month, less a review and more of a meandering thing about traveling and and books. And I'm having fun writing it, for a change. I came back from Guatemala with more than just illness... I have stories and pictures, some of which I'll post here and some which will probably make it into a zine. In case you want to get up to speed, here is last month's Bookslut column, and here is my review of The Seas at Grace. The reading series is tonite, by the way... Ellis Avery and Shari Goldhagen, 7 pm at Mo Pitkins, if yr interested. If you come you will get to see me doing my very best merch girl impression, while wearing this cool skirt I got for cheap at TJ Maxx this past weekend in the NJ. The NJ can be good for things like this. That and breakfast at Le Peep, even if Lauren always berates me for never eating all my food, and also for Lauren herself, even if she is the reason I was at three bridal shops in one day. I was very well behaved. She seemed surprised.

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