Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Here's a good piece from Nancy Goldstein, based on this genius cartoon:

I wasn't sure whether to use chorizo or bacon in my paella last weekend, so I called South Dakota state senator Bill Napoli and asked him to make my decision for me.

And Analee Newitz's column this week at Metroactive is excellent:

My friends said: Ignore it. They said: Those guys are morons. They said: Let's just read and write things in other places where men aren't dicks. But slowly I began to feel about their comments the same way I feel when a right-winger tells me that if I want to promote socialism, I should just move to another country. The problem is, I love my country. It fucking rocks. And I love Slashdot, too. I don't want to run away. This is my home, and I want to stay here and fight for justice. I want women to get excited by all the cool articles on Slashdot and not get driven away by a community that values them for their bodies instead of their thoughts.

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