Saturday, December 30, 2006

princesses and sluts

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-- The New York Times Magazine
, December 24th
"What's Wrong With Cinderella?" by Peggy Orenstein

“They’ve been begging to come to this store for three weeks,” [Anne] McAuliffe said. “I’d never heard of it. So I said they could, but they’d have to spend their own money if they bought anything.” She looked around. “Some of this stuff is innocuous,” she observed, then leaned toward me, eyes wide and stage-whispered: “But ... a lot of it is horrible. It makes them look like little prostitutes. It’s crazy. They’re babies!”

As we debated the line between frivolous fun and JonBenĂ©t, McAuliffe’s daughter Rory came dashing up, pigtails haphazard, glasses askew. “They have the best pocketbooks here,” she said breathlessly, brandishing a clutch with the words “Girlie Girl” stamped on it. “Please, can I have one? It has sequins!”

-- The New York Times
Editorial page, December 29th
"Middle School Girls Gone Wild" by Lawrence Downes

They writhe and strut, shake their bottoms, splay their legs, thrust their chests out and in and out again. Some straddle empty chairs, like lap dancers without laps. They don’t smile much. Their faces are locked from grim exertion, from all that leaping up and lying down without poles to hold onto. "Don’t stop don’t stop," sings Janet Jackson, all whispery. "Jerk it like you’re making it choke. ...Ohh. I’m so stimulated. Feel so X-rated." The girls spend a lot of time lying on the floor. They are in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

-- The New York Times
Styles section (surprise!), December 31st
"The Graying of Naughty" by Sharon Waxman

De’Bella - or Debbie, as everybody calls her - decided late in life to become a porn star. This year she turned 50, time, she knew, to chase her dream.

"I love sex," she explained, biting into a Burger King special before embarking on her scene for the day at a rented house in the San Fernando Valley. She was wearing a bright pink satin and black chiffon nightie with a matching thong and heavy makeup.

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