Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trying to get back to work and not get caught by one of the overly earnest kids freezing their asses off standing out on the sidewalk trying to get people to give money to Children International or CARE or the Northshore Animal League or some other deserving organization that I don't have $120 for, even if that's "just ten dollars a month." I really don't know how these people get anyone to pledge money on the street like that, especially when the weather is this shitty. The worst is when they say things to you like "Excuse me, do you have a minute for gay and lesbian rights?" It crushes my heart. Today I had to half-hide behind a mailbox and then duck underneath some construction awning to avoid a Children International guy who had staked out the doorway to my office building. Another guy standing right outside smoking a cigarette nodded at me like, "Nice maneuver." I don't actually feel guilty not giving them money, but I do feel self-righteous about it sometimes and then that makes me feel like shit. Like, "I work at a non-profit! Give me a moment's peace!" Occassionally I'll get sucked in to talking to them, and then I try to ask them things that I genuinely want to know, like do people actually give them money? Then I'll tell them that I've spent my share of time knocking on doors and standing out on sidewalks shoving leaflets into people's hands and begging them to sign things or pretend to care, so see, I understand that their job sucks. But that isn't enough. They still try to sell me on the plight of homeless kittens or hurricane victims or starving children and what pisses me off is their guilt trip, as in, you CAN give $10 to this cause. You KNOW you can. If you don't, you are a heartless loser. I guess they have to convince themselves that they believe in it in order to withstand the elements and lots and lots of jerks who say things like "I hate animals" as they walk by. And I'm probably one of many people they talk to every day who tries to empathize with them while still not writing a check, and this is maybe even more annoying than the people who just ignore them or pretend to talk on their cell phones (I'm one of those people, too). I'm just glad that they mostly wear brightly colored nylon jackets so they're easily idenifiable, and that I've perfected my laser vision so I can see where they are even a block away.

Also: If I read another interview with Jenny Lewis where she's asked about her acting career and/or her former relationship with Blake Sennett, I am going to scream. You might even hear it, wherever you are. I am looking forward to "Rabbit Fur Coat" though.

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