Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm listening to "The Swimming Song" by Loudon Wainwright, which I swear is just about the greatest song ever. It is Friday, and tonight I have to go out and be a girl, and feign interest in something that I already know is just not going to work. When really, I just want to go home and watch Erin Brockovich on TBS. And play with my brand new Print Gocco! I'm so excited about this thing. I have visions of semi-mass producing lots of art and selling prints on cool paper for cheap. But I guess I can do that on Saturday too.

New York magazine profiles Chan Marshall:

Many artists with stage fright avoid the stage. So, why does Chan travel the world performing all the time? "That's something I can't answer," she says. "I don't know what else to do. In a perfect world, I would be in love and have children and have a reason to stay in one place and not do this anymore."

I finally read Linda R. Hirshman 's piece in the American Prospect that Patricia Cohen wrote about last weekend. Even if her emphasis on the elite class and fancy jobs is irritating and the way she defines success almost exclusively in terms of capitalism makes me cringe, the article really is pretty much as great as some people are saying (what a recommendation, right?):

In interviews, women with enough money to quit work say they are "choosing" to opt out. Their words conceal a crucial reality: the belief that women are responsible for child-rearing and homemaking was largely untouched by decades of workplace feminism. Add to this the good evidence that the upper-class workplace has become more demanding and then mix in the successful conservative cultural campaign to reinforce traditional gender roles and you've got a perfect recipe for feminism's stall.

Seriously though. Go read it and then we can fight about it.

And, I want this woman's job.

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elfstar said...

Since I can't justify paying 3.95 for the Cohen article about the Hirschman piece, I'm wondering what exactly people are complaining about w/r/t the Hirschman. I mean, yeah, conservatives. Duh. But are "liberals" actually complaining about it? It seemed pretty spot on to me.