Monday, January 23, 2006

i might need to get cable.

This American Life has some amazing news!

Last week Showtime made it official: we're going to produce a series for them, a television version of This American Life. We shot a pilot last year, and the full series will begin broadcasting in the fall or winter of 2006. We'll continue making the radio show while we do the TV show. Again: the radio show will stay on the air.

What we can say about the series: It doesn't look a TV newsmagazine. It's shot to look like a movie. Widescreen. Beautiful lighting. And the stories feel just like the stories on the radio show. When we started the pilot, we weren't sure that'd be possible. Now we're convinced it is. We'll give more details – and hopefully some previews – in the coming months.

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emily said...

You might need to tape this to add to the Loeb Archive. Then I can come and sign it out and watch it in your livingroom.

I signed up for a freakin blogger account just so I could post comments on people's blogs...