Friday, July 21, 2006

The screenwriter Don Payne, a writer on “The Simpsons” here earning his first big-screen credit, may not have had [Glenn] Close, much less the Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon, in mind when he wrote this film. But he might as well have since, unwittingly or not, it perfectly expresses what Ms. Gordon once called the “fear of a female planet.” In “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” G-Girl rockets around saving the day in skirts and high heels like some nitro-fueled Carrie Bradshaw, outshining her dweeb of a boyfriend at every turn. So of course he dumps her.

Okay, so a female superhero is only allowed in a movie if she a) it's clear from the title that she is only important as she relates to a guy and b) only uses her powers to exact revenge on said guy. These are the lessons apparently learned from movies like Aeon Flux and Elektra, which no one saw not because a female superhero can't carry a movie, but because they were bad movies. I'm so tired of this shit.

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