Monday, June 05, 2006

I just finally filed my FAFSA and paid my electric bill! And my apartment is so clean and verging on organized that it's freaking me out how much I resemble a productive member of society. I got rid of 2 huge garbage bags of clothing this weekend (this after letting various people pick over the piles, the contents of which ranged from awesome-but-does-not-fit-and-maybe-never-did, to who-even-knows-what-this-is-and-what-kind-of-psycho-would-willingly-buy-it), plus another 2 huge bags full of papers I'm finally managing to part with. This included a not insignificant stack of administrative shit related to the Review - budget papers and office contracts etc. It felt pretty amazing to kick this stuff to the curb (or to the clothing donation bin). Not that I didn't manage to keep a lot of crap, too. But enough is gone now that it makes a real difference, both to the space of my apartment and the space of my brain.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth last night. It was really well done and pretty excellent overall. I don't really know what to think of all this noise about Gore running in 2008. The movie is definitely worth seeing... at the very least, it's gratifying to see Gore spin the climate crisis issue so convincingly (ie, positioning it as a moral issue), since that kind of strategy is so seriously lacking on the left. But it does a lot more than that, too. It's powerful and scary and fascinating, and also dorky in a way that I like. The fact that Gore keeps refering to his presentation as a "slide show" despite the fact that it's animated and on a computer (and the guy knows something about computers) is pretty cute.

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isabel sparkle said...

I'm sad I missed picking over the pile! Ah, well. Another time.