Friday, March 17, 2006

Plaintive punk has become the soundtrack of white adolescence... Kill me. Kelefah Sanneh hearts emo, ponders gender at the Times:

A genre that was once mocked for its supposed earnestness is now home to some of the most flamboyant boys in rock 'n' roll....emo bands are doing something unlikely: they're reviving the fierce, fey spirit of glam rock, complete (sometimes) with eyeliner and lipstick.

He eventually concludes: one can claim that these emo boys aren't putting on an enormously entertaining show. Here's hoping that, somewhere in America, a budding pop star is watching it all, and taking all of it much too seriously.

I don't know about K Sanneh's take on emo being somehow subversive, or "exciting." Flamboyance and theatricality are not inherently interesting, especially when paired with boy-as-victim love songs, and they are still whiny straight boys underneath all that eyeliner. At least he mentioned Jessica Hopper's genius emo-is-sexist essay.

Hey, here's my boyfriend talking about people talking about DIY abortion. How much fun is that to say? DIY abortion. (I didn't know The Stranger had a blog! Fuck.)

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elfstar said...

Somewhere, well back in time in the blog, you made some comment about info packages for DIY abortions. I hit the bottom part of this post and remembered this little HOWTO on DIY abortions that I thought you'd appreciate:

It's nice that this Molly says she hopes it will never be needed, but it's also good to see that someone who apparently knows what they're talking about can post it online. You crazy feminists you.