Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mattel concedes that a new and improved Ken, however dashing and fashionable, and his pending reconciliation with Barbie, however dramatic, is not the solution. But it will give the legions of girls who play with Barbie the kind of new plotline they crave.

It's been awhile since I played with Barbie, but I don't remember ever having a problem thinking up plotlines, so long as Barbie and Ken's clothes could come off. It didn't even matter how douchey he looked.

And I didn't know that Barbie and Ken split up 2 years ago! For an Australian surfer named Blaine? Shit. Apparently, Ken, heartbroken, traveled the world in search of himself, making stops in Europe and the Middle East, dabbling in Buddhism and Catholicism, teaching himself to cook and slowly weaning himself off a beach bum life.

Sounds like too many guys I know.

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elfstar said...

I think that the actual party line from Mattel was that Ken was "too scared of commitment" or something similar - apparently, Barbie didn't mind the long engagement, but 40 years was just too much. She didn't start hanging out with Blaine until a few months after the breakup with Ken. Don't even ask why I know this.