Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I went out to buy rainboots and one of those brilliant devices that holds a piece of paper upright so you can type it's contents onto your computer without killing your neck (does anyone know what this is called? I felt like an idiot explaining it to 3 different people at staples, but I know it exists!). I came back with polaroid film and jelly beans.

I'm not going to my class tonight because I'm feeling kind of shitty and so I need to curl up on the couch with some tea and probably the Olympics, which I've been strangely obsessed with. I don't ever care about the summer olympics, but I think the winter games are so cool. Some of these sports are just insane. Bobsledding! Aerial skiiing! Luge! All sorts of crazy skintight costumes and boys wearing glitter. I used to live with a girl who was a former luge athlete from Lake Placid, and all of us in the house were completely in awe of this. Does anyone ever think about people who do luge, aside from a couple weeks every four years? Well I am here to tell you that they exist. We used to make her tell us stories and explain all sorts of things, and of course I don't really remember any of it except that she once got pulled over when she had her luge sled in the back seat of her car, and the cops were confused.

Also, the Olympics is the best background TV I have ever experienced. You can really watch it, while not really watching it, while cutting up magazines or making some new drawings, or, say, listing the contents of the Times Style sections over the past few months to use in an article you are writing. So I could even say that the Olympics have made me productive, and not be lying. And it doesn't make you feel nearly as stupid as other stuff on TV, even if the commentators are always saying things like "There must be something in the water in Switzerland that makes you spin well" and "The Chinese are always such strong jumpers" and "the Russians will always dominate this event." It is so quaintly global, if such a thing is possible. Also, Johnny Weir is seriously entertaining.

Other things beckoning me home tonight are a giant valentine's day cookie and the very last of the super buttery pasta I made the other day. Things I am less eager to come home to include my very very dirty floor, the mountain of clothes on my desk chair, and the giant hole in my bathroom wall.

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