Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I spent this morning searching for stock photos of people shopping in supermarkets, something to illustrate "consumer behavior" for the Annual Report. Now I have to decide which one to use. There are a lot of pictures of people talking on their cell phones as they walk around with their carts full of food, people groping fruit, cuts of meat, semi-cute kids sitting in shopping carts, that kind of thing. Then there are some random weird ones... a couple making out next to a cooler full of gallons of milk, some nudity in the produce section. A whole mess of photos of Hilary Clinton grocery shopping in 1994.

It's funny how schizophrenic I am when it comes to work. Friday and yesterday I was very into my job, being super efficient and smart and productive, and thinking to myself the whole time, "Wow, I am really into my job today." But today I can't make myself do anything. Still, those two days felt pretty good. I get all these emails from kids doing research projects on the rainforest, and I got one the other day from a girl who basically just sent me the entire list of questions her teacher had obviously handed out, and asked me to answer them. This is the part where I get to sternly say things like "I am sure that this information is available on the Web or in your school library."

While I'm procrastinating I'm reading Khaela Maricich's blog, which I haven't read in awhile, and which you should read if you don't already. The second photo down on this page looks like exactly where I feel like being right now, on a road on the way to somewhere I haven't been yet, with open fields out to both sides, in a car with some people that I love. I wouldn't need to lay on the road like in the picture, but I could if I felt like it. But this particular road is in France, and if I have a choice that's not where my road would be. I mean, France is okay, but I would rather be somewhere like Vermont. Though that sounds boring when compared to Europe. Maybe somewhere in Canada - Vancouver? - or some really random state like South Dakota. If international, I don't know. Switzerland was really beautiful. Ann always raved about Sweden. Wait, forget it - Washington state, definitely. Up in the mountains, and we could stop at the coffee stand where they sold everything made with lavendar, including lattes and honey.

I'm behind in updating the blog because, well, I've been watching a lot of figure skating on TV and had a lovely busy weekend which included seeing Allie and Lauren and then spending a large part of the next day crying about how much I miss them. I am just really emotional about the whole thing - about Allie being far away, and about the really hard situation she's in, about time together having to be like an event instead of just a fact. I am just a fucking wreck lately when it comes to thinking about my friends, I am responding like I'm watching Sophie's Choice or something. And really, that is a stupid comparison, not least because I haven't even seen that movie. But I also got to go out with Katie, and then today I made plans in the next week with both Alice and Betsy, and there is almost nothing better than seeing good friends who you never get to see. Except for seeing them all the time, I guess. I would definitely give up the novelty factor for routine when it comes to this.

Somewhere in between all the triple lutz combination spins by girls in spangly costumes, I saw a preview for an Amanda Bynes movie called She's The Man, wherein Bynes disguises herself as a boy and then falls in love with a dude while still passing as one. OMG! It opens next month. I might have to pay to see this one, I'm so intrigued. Even though I, like most other people, cannot stand Amanda Bynes. Maybe she'll be better as a faux boy. It's possibly (and surely loooooooosely) based on Twelfth Night, because Bynes' character is named Viola and there's the whole gender disguise thing. I can't imagine it will be anything by sickening, but I still want to see how gender bending is handled for the tween set. You can watch the trailer here.

Someone who I do not know wrote something very nice about my zine on her blog! I feel a little bit fame-ulous.

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