Monday, February 06, 2006

CNN was on the TV in my coffee place this morning, with the senate panel hearings on the eavesdropping "program." The guys in there had it on mute, but I swear, it looked like Gonzales was trying (though not very hard) not to grin.

I just don't understand why people think a couple making a new last name for them both to have in common is any weirder than a woman giving up her name and taking her husband's. Sunday Styles was a bit radical this week, huh? They also had this article about the lack of changing tables in men's restrooms.

Ummmmm, the new Pink video, "Stupid Girls"? Maybe it's a little bit hilarious that she makes fun of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson et al in a video airing on MTV, but it's not cool for her to spend so much time calling them stupid. And are these specific "stupid girls" really the only ones to blame for the lack of women in leadership, as a powersuit-clad Pink seems to insist? I think not. In real life, the little pigtailed girl at the beginning and end of the video, who is shown to be so impressionable (with a non-slutty Pink as the angel on one shoulder, and a gyrating stripper-type as the devil on the other, in a totally bizarre bit of messaging), wouldn't learn anything from these oversimplified put downs. But at the very end of the video, she picks up a football instead of a barbie. Hooray! See, boy things are just better - and smarter! - than girl things.

It's also a wee bit convenient that Pink can use her own hot body to convincingly imitate these "stupid girls" in their bikinis and lingerie and daisy dukes, managing to show skin in her video while condemning other women for doing the same. Is this really what a girl pop singer has to do to differentiate herself?

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